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Discover delectable delights at the House of Cakes, your premier destination for the finest cakes in Dubai. Indulge in a symphony of flavors with our bespoke, custom-designed cakes that promise to elevate any celebration. Conveniently located, we offer cake delivery services across all emirates in the UAE, ensuring that our exquisite creations reach you wherever you are. Savor the sweetness of life with the House of Cakes - where every slice is a celebration!

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Angel and fairies cake


Enchant your celebration with a magical Angel and Fairies cake from The House of Cakes Bakery!This stunning 3-tier cake is a dream come true for any fairy-tale lover. Decorated in ethereal shades of p..

Ash Cake


Inspired by the whimsical character Ash, our cake is a delightful homage to the musical journey that stole hearts on the big screen. Meticulously crafted with attention to detail, our Ash Cake capture..

Cake pops with logo


Elevate your corporate events, product launches, or special occasions with our custom-designed Cake Pops featuring your logo. Our skilled bakers at The House of Cakes understand the importance of maki..

Comic heart shaped cake


Embark on a whimsical journey of love with The House of Cakes Bakery in Dubai, where creativity and confectionery unite to bring you our extraordinary Comic Heart-Shaped Cake. This playful masterpiece..

Cupid's arrows cake


Embark on a journey of love and enchantment with The House of Cakes Bakery in Dubai, where we present our captivating creation: Cupid's Arrows Cake. This extraordinary cake is a manifestation of roman..

Teddy Bear Popsicles


Make your celebrations sweeter with Teddy Bear Popsicles from The House of Cakes Bakery. Order now, and let us bring the magic of these whimsical treats to your doorstep in Dubai or any emirate in the..

Elegant cake with gold sequins


Elevate Your Celebration with Our Elegant Gold Sequined CakesAt The House of Cakes Bakery, we believe that every occasion deserves a cake that reflects its grandeur and elegance. Our elegant gold sequ..

Traffic lights cake pops | Cake Pops in Dubai | House of Cakes Dubai


Introducing the irresistible Traffic Lights Cake PopsAt The House of Cakes Bakery, we're passionate about creating delectable treats that not only tantalize the taste buds but also ignite the imaginat..

Christmas Cake 9



Black and gold cake with crown


Indulge in luxury and elevate your celebrations with The House of Cakes Bakery's exquisite Black and Gold Cake with Crown in Dubai. Our masterful bakers have crafted a decadent masterpiece that combin..

Cake for gamer


A cake for a gamer could be an exciting and visually captivating creation! Picture a multi-tiered masterpiece resembling a game console, complete with edible controllers, iconic game characters sculpt..

Amazing Candy Themed Cake


House of Cakes Dubai: Amazing Candy Themed CakeTransport yourself to a wonderland of pure sugar with House of Cakes Dubai's Amazing Candy Themed Cake! This vibrant and playful creation is a feast for ..

Cake with disco balls


A Disco Ball Cake by The House of Cakes Bakery in DubaiStep into a world of dazzling lights, pulsating beats, and groovy vibes with our captivating Disco Ball Cake, a culinary masterpiece that brings ..

Boxing Liverpool and BMW Cake for him


Order Your Boxing, Liverpool, and BMW Cake TodayShow your loved one how much you care with this unique and personalized cake. Order yours today and let them know that you appreciate their passions and..

Box Cake with chocolate hearts


Discover the sweetest surprise at The House of Cakes Bakery in Dubai with our irresistible Box Cake featuring a delectable chocolate heart! Elevate your gifting game or celebrate special moments with ..

Velvet hearts cake


Experience Love in Every Bite with Velvet Hearts Cakes in Dubai by The House of Cakes Bakery Dubai! Indulge in the ultimate expression of romance with our exquisite velvet hearts cakes, meticulously c..

Cyber warrior cake


Unveiling our exclusive Cyber Warrior Cake at The House of Cakes in Dubai – a confectionary marvel inspired by the digital realm. Celebrate your tech-savvy milestones or honor the cyber warrior in you..

Drip cake with chocolates and whiskey blue


Drip cake with chocolates and whiskey blue. Indulge in decadent sophistication with our exquisite Drip Cake featuring the rich flavors of chocolate and the finesse of Black Label Blue whiskey, exclusi..

Boho Style Cake


???? Deliciously Bespoke: At The House of Cakes Bakery, we believe in making your dreams edible. Customize your Boho Style Cake to reflect your personal style – whether it's a cascade of vibrant bloo..

Autumn Cake


Seasonal Delight: An autumn-themed cake captures the cozy and warm feeling of the fall season, making it perfect for celebrating during this time of year.Unique Aesthetics: Autumn cakes often feature ..

Bugatti Chiron Car Cake


Bugatti Chiron Car Cake: The Ultimate Dubai Celebration": Unleash the ultimate Dubai celebration with a custom-crafted Bugatti Chiron cake! This masterpiece, meticulously designed by The House of C..

Amazing Halloween Cake


Thrill your guests with a bewitching Halloween cake from House of Cakes! We craft not just desserts, but edible centerpieces that will be the highlight of your spooky celebration.Unleash your creativi..

Cake with Jaguar Car and logo


Cake with Jaguar Car and LogoWelcome to the website of the best cake shop for Jaguar enthusiasts! We specialize in creating custom cakes with Jaguar cars and logos, perfect for any occasion, from birt..

Candy World Cake


Candy World CakeCandy World Cake: Your one-stop shop for the most colorful and delicious candy-themed cakes around!Our cakes are perfect for any celebration, from birthdays and weddings to baby s..

Barbie Doll Cake


Barbie Doll CakeMake your little girl's dream come true with a Barbie doll cake!Our Barbie doll cakes are made with the highest quality ingredients and decorated by our talented cake artists. Our cake..

Avengers Superheroes Cake


Avengers Superheroes CakeCelebrate your child's love of the Avengers with our Avengers Superheroes Cake sale! We offer a variety of cakes, cupcakes, and other treats, all decorated with your child's f..

Planet Saturn Cake


Planet Saturn CakeOrder online this great cake. You can have any custom cake design you'd like and all kinds of personalized cakes. Great variety of cake flavors also available. Never wonder again whe..

Aged to perfection Black Label theme cake


Celebrate in Style with the Aged to Perfection Black Label CakeLooking for a sophisticated cake that exudes masculine elegance? Look no further than the Aged to Perfection Black Label cake from House ..

Black cube geode cake


Black cube geode cakeChoose this wonderfulCake ideas suitable for everyone.You can also have it for any of your special occasions. YYou can have it as а birthday cake for lady, man, boy and girl, as a..

Jimmy John's Ham and Cheese Sandwich Cake


Jimmy John's Ham and Cheese Sandwich CakeChoose this wonderful Cake ideas suitable for everyone. You can also have it for any of your special occasions. You can have it as а birthday cake for lady, ma..

Kayaking in mountain cake


Kayaking in mountain cake. Choose a stunning Cake from The House of Cakes Dubai and be sure to celebrate your Birthday in style. Pick your favourite colours and flavours and leave ..

Men in tuxedo cake with cigars


Men in tuxedo cake with cigars. If the occasion calls for cake, then you best call this Dubai cake shop. Not only that we make everything—and we mean everything—from..

Roblox Cake 10


Roblox Cake 10Our famous Cakes have been seen around the world and are now available for you to enjoy at home! Each Cake is hand decorated by a team of professional cake artists in Duba..

Pilot and plane cake


Pilot and plane cake in Dubai UAE. Making everything in-house, this Dubai-based bakery remains best-known for its fantastic custom designed cakes and special order cakes. Spea..

Splatoon Cake


Splatoon Cake in Dubai. We deliver everywhere in UAE and have a choice of delicious fresh filings. All of our cakes are made fresh, just before your chosen delivery date. The perfect cakes&n..

Cutest Mermaid Cake


Cutest Mermaid Cake. Making everything in-house, this Dubai-based bakery remains best-known for its fantastic custom designed cakes and special order cakes. Speaking of specia..

Barbie cake and cupcakes


Barbie cake and cupcakes. Best Cakes in Dubai. Dubai Cake near me. Offering a full spectrum of flavours, forms, styles, and techniques THE HOUSE OF CAKES BAKERY shop offers such delight..

Custom design family cake 1


Custom design family cake 1Choose this wonderful Cake for Guys or Ladies. You can also have it for any of your special occasions. You can have it as а birthday cake for Guys and ladies, as a birthday ..

Bugatti Car Cake


Dubai's Dream Machine: Bugatti Car Cake for Car Lovers!Fuel your passion with our impeccably crafted Bugatti car cake, a masterpiece made for true Dubai automotive enthusiasts. Customize it with your ..

Orchid in pot cake


Orchid in pot cakeChoose this wonderful Cake for girls. You can also have it for any of your special occasions. You can have it as а birthday cake for girls, as a birthday present. Best cakes in Dubai..

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